Visit Us!

We currently reside at 61 Bergen St, Brooklyn for October through January. You can find us there every Thursday through Sunday. You'll always find our freshest stock of cans, and if you're lucky our Frenchie mascot Nelson will also be present! 

Currently available:

How Do You Build A Table Beer // 4% Collab with Wild East

It's Finally Here // 5% Italian Pilsner

I Voted Today // 5% DDH Oat American Pale Ale Collab w/Tired Hands

Just: Motueka // 6% Hazy Hopped singularly with Motueka

Steamed Hams // 6.5% Hazy Hopped with Vic Secret, Sabro, Mosaic 

They Stole How Much Fruit? // 6.9% Blood Orange + Mango NEIPA collab w/Two Villains Brewing

Don't Headbutt Your Friends // 8% Chardonnay DIPA Collab w/ Red Hook Winery

Do You Like Parties // 8.2% Strata + Galaxy Hazy WC DIPA

Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry Berry // 6% Purple Sour w/ Blackberry + Blueberry

Black Is Beautiful // 5% Black Kveik Lager

Guest Beers:

Two Villains // Needs More Dog // 8.5% NEDIPA Collab w/ us !!!

Two Villains // Sleeping With Your Third Eye Open // 10.5% NETIPA