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This page is a living document, it will change and grow as we do. 


The following Code of Conduct applies to all: Employees, Customers (taproom, private events, on-line, social media), Accounts, Collaborators, and Contractors.

At Non Sequitur Beer, we have ZERO TOLERANCE for: racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, violence or harassment in any way, shape or form. We will not tolerate any of the above behaviors in our space. On the reporting of an incident the offending party will be removed from our space and not welcome to return until such a time that a thorough investigation can occur with a victim and third party HR professional.

If you witness, or are victim of, a violation of the above please use this form to report the problem to us.  WeVow, our reporting service, does require name and email address, you can report anonymously by entering anonymous in those fields.


All reports can be made anonymously and reported to either member of our ownership team, and will also involve a third party HR professional.


We take all reporting seriously and will handle reports as swiftly as possible. Upon meeting with an HR professional and the affected individual (should they not request anonymity), we will take the advice of the impartial third party, in respect of the wishes of the affected individual, and will immediately take action with the offending party whether that be termination, permanent expulsion, a probationary period or otherwise.

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