Our space is available for private party rentals as well as for charitable events and use as a meeting space for any organization.

Charitable events and social organizations are welcome to request a rental of our space at a free or greatly reduced rate. We want to support our community and foster a diverse and inclusive space, we look forward to hosting you!​

NS Beer started out as a whimsy, nomadic beer brand - and after 2 years has set down roots in Bushwick, Brooklyn. We brew lots of experimental hoppy beer, and are diving head first in to all types of old world ales and lagers too. 

Each beer is tied to a unique charity that we will donate a portion of the proceeds to. We give a damn about what's going on in the world and think you should too.

We think beer should be fun and inclusive for all people regardless of gender, sexuality, or race. Read our CODE OF CONDUCT

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Our taproom and brewery is located in Brooklyn, at 8 Wilson Avenue in Bushwick. We offer a variety of styles on tap and to-go, and we host food vendor pop-ups and events regularly.

Come by to have a beer and say hi to Nelson, the chief dog officer here at NS Beer!